Art Life Poll: I Have $4.6 million I will…

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Altruism is alive and well according to the latest Art Life poll. Starting your own damn museum is the option of choice (29 per cent) for those entrusted with $4.6 million. The second parochial option of buying only Australian art (13 per cent) just pipped buying endless rounds of drinks for all your friends (9 per cent)… We know which option we’d prefer.

I Have $4.6 million I will…

Start my own damn museum 29% 17

Buy a lot of Australian art 22% 13

Drinks for all my friends! 15% 9

Just one more heist and then I’m out… 10% 6

Buy three Cy Twombly paintings 8% 5

Invest the money wisely 8% 5

Bet it all on black 7% 4

Total votes: 58

The Art Life

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