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The Tall Show – A new mixed media show for artists over 181cms tall, the art varies from painting and photography to video installation, but does not necessarily conform to the bean pole theme. The Tall Gallery, Until Nov 30.

Nearly There – Curated by Tom Hewson at Mary Pax Gallery, this exhibition gathers together artists on the cusp of making it and who are desperately looking for proper representation. The work is kind of ok, kind of not. Until Dec 12.

Commercial Gallery Xmas Show – Stuff from the stock rooms, leftovers from exhibitions and works on paper they hope you might buy. Work includes pastels by a mad woman from Taree, photographs by someone who really shouldn’t be seen in the nude, and a guy who is so past his prime it’s just embarrassing. Merry Xmas! Commercial Gallery, Queen Street, Woollhara.

Sculpture In The Sea – Taking the annual sculpture extravaganza to its logical conclusion, this breakaway exhibition features exquisitely crafted sculptures, mixed media installations and other unsightly crap hurled into the ocean from Bondi’s South Head. Until November 14.

Skittles – All new Australian video art, featuring work by up and comers Todd Flanders, Barrington Levy , I.Q. Lowly and Why. The show takes its name from Levy’s magnificent Skittles video work that is collated from hours of RTA footage showing unwary pedestrians being knocked over by cars on badly lit intersections. Take a packed lunch, the work runs for 8 hours. First Performance Gallery . Until Nov. 30.

Short Person Fight Back Show – Fund raiser for the Short Person Fight Back Fund, a group of artists under 181cms fighting against heightest discrimination. Events include a sit in, a petition and a deputation to a bored government minister. The Good Cause Exhibition Space, Potts Point. See web site for details.

1 Hour – A group show with 30 artists participating on the theme of duration, 1 Hour is a worthy show in a worthy gallery, but only opens for one hour on a Thursday between 3pm and 4pm. Be quick. The 1 Hour Gallery , Thursdays.

Cute Puppies! – Collaborative show between local Australian artists and South Korean exhibitors from Seoul, Cute Puppies! is a follow up to last year’s sensational Kittens In a Basket exhibition that featured the loveliest little kittens ever seen with their big wet eyes and soft little paws! South Korean-Australian Friendship Society Gallery, North Sydney.

Never Ending “Exhibition” – The latest work from the never-tiring Charles Done, endless repeats of the same flaccid crap sold at astronomical prices. You gotta admire him for sheer chutzpah! His latest “exhibition” runs 7 days a week, every day of the year, even on Christmas Day. Charles Done Gallery, The Rocks.

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