Democracy Defeated By Technical Glitch

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Due to an unforseen technical problem we’ve had to call off the vote for Sydney’s most influential art person. Due to their general greatness and an awesome ability to spam potential voters to vote for them, we salute Phatspace as the winners of the very first poll here at The Art Life.

The final vote at 6.37pm tonight:

Phatspace 22% (57)

Gallery Wren 19% (48)

Other 15% (37)

Susan Borham 11% (27)

Gary Carsley 8% (20)

Vasili Kaliman 7% (17)

Felicity Fenner 6% (15)

Wayne Tunnicliffe 4% (11)

Nick Tsoutas 4% (11)

Dick Quan 2% (6)

Russell Storer 2% (5)

total votes: 254

We will send Phatspace their exciting prize, a DVD of Stork, once they supply us with a mailing address. Thanks to everyone who voted and to those gracious nominees who sent us an email thanking us for being included. Youse are good sports.

For those curious as to why the technical problem occured, here is a brief non-technical explanation: When we first posted the poll we accidentally spelt Vasili Kaliman’s name “Wassily” (obviously thinking of Kandinsky). Mr. Kaliman emailed us and pointed out our error so we went into the HTML code for the poll and fixed the spelling. You may have noted that the spelling of “Wassily” persisted on the results pop up. Somehow we ended up with two results pop ups – one spelt correctly, the other not and after a few days the server that hosted the poll could not reconcile the two polls and had a nervous breakdown. We were able to access the results of the vote by typing in the URL for the pop up manually. Interestingly, if you typed in the preceeding poll number you could see another set of alternative votes – in this other universe Other had 2% of the vote while Kaliman had 98%. Spooky.

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