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“What can [the work of Rover Thomas] be compared to? A list of my favourite painters would include Terry Winter, Brice Marden, John Olsen, Mark Rothko, Susan Rothenberg, Sean Scully, Therese Oulton, and Ian Fairweather. I list those artists (out of many possible hundreds) because I see unconscious resonances of their work in the canvases of Rover Thomas…”

Peter Hill getting confused – does he mean the unconscious influences in the way he sees the work of Rover Thomas or influences on the work of Rover Thomas? Spectrum, Saturday, April 3-4

“Gallery crawls have always attracted Victoria Hynes more than pub crawls. Not surprising then that she worked as a gallery curator and manager before becoming an arts journalist. Hynes, who recommends the best exhibitions in Box Office, has been a contributor to The Sydney Morning Herald since 1999 and is deputy editor of Australian Art Review magazine. She has deep respect for raw artistic talent and admits there is probably a frustrated artist in her trying to get out. “Unfortunately, though, without the skills to back it up you usually end up teaching or writing about art instead.”

Good to see her career as an art writer has been a success then… The (Sydney) Magazine, page 14, Issue 12, 2004.

“A large number of people would rather eat their left arm than set foot in an art gallery, simply because they expect to be treated – and occasionally they are – with withering disdain by some clad in black, face furniture wearing assistant. I entirely sympathise. I have the same dread of entering a betting shop.”

The one armed art consultant Michael Reid quoted in Judgment Daze, Australian Art Collector, April-June 2004 issue.

“Another friend was [Betty] Churcher, whom [Ray] Hughes met while attending drawing and painting classes held by her husband Roy. ‘I was mediocre,’ says Hughes, ‘and I didn’t want to bring any more bad art into the world. I only wish some of the people coming in here showing me their mediocre work felt the same way as I did.’”

A policy of complete and total honesty from Ray Hughes in Wheeler Dealer, The (Sydney) Magazine, page 40, Issue 12, 2004.

Art magazine faces nudity ban in US

An Adelaide-based art magazine, Artlink is facing a ban in the United States over its cover.

The publishers have been told by the American distributors that their March issue, Adelaide And Beyond, will not be sold in Barnes and Noble stores unless it is in opaque bags because the cover depicts a “completely nude male”. Artlink manager Tory Shepherd says she is disappointed because it is actually a sculpture by Adelaide artist Christian Burford (sic).

“It’s a fibreglass sculpture of a young man. It’s completely not sexual in any way,” she said. “It’s not salacious or pornographic, it’s art. It’s actually got the same marble sheen on it as the statue of David, so we’re considering on our next issue of putting a photo of Michaelangelo‘s David on the front.”

Yes, but he does have an enormous cockABC News Online

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