Say No To Nothing

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You remember a few weeks ago we mentioned the group of artists who were getting together to demand a standard rate of pay for artists work exhibited in publicly funded galleries? Well, they have a name now and they’re called the Sydney Arts Management Advisory Group and they’re taking this fight all the way to the top.

Under the pithy slogan SAY NO TO NOTHING(a negation of negation that leads to the brave acceptance of nothingness) the group have invited the newly appointed Minster for Communications, Information and Technology and the Arts Helen Coonan along with Kate Lundy,the Shadow Minister for The Arts and representatives from the Australian Democrats and The Greens to speak at a special gathering at the Australia Council foyer meeting room next Monday, July 26 at 5.00pm. Hear what they have to say, demand money and perhaps ask Helen Coonan if you can have some Arts Ministry letterhead to get some discount art supplies…

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