Shock Poll Result

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If Robert MacPherson is Exile on Main Street then…

Brett Whiteley is Pub With No Beer 30%

Tim Maguire is Tie A Yellow Ribbon 15%

Ricky Swallow is Pablo Picasso 10%

Ann Wallace is In Dreams 10%

TV Moore is Radios Appear 10%

Richard Larter is Blonde on Blonde 8%

Susan Norrie is Live and Let Die 5%

Rodney Glick is …art* 5%

Deborah Paauwe is Girl 5%

Todd Hunter is Hey Mr. Pharmacist 3%

(Total Votes 43)

Our poll analysts explain the result thus: “There seemed to have been a massive donkey vote with Brett Whiteley streaking ahead from the start, but perhaps he truly is a pub with no beer. The most interesting aspect of the voting was Ricky Swallow’s drop from second to third place as Tim Maguire’s vote stacked up late in the week to put him in the second spot. No one ever called Picasso an asshole, but tie a yellow ribbon around that old oak tree is still a perennial favourite. There has also been some unsubstantiated speculation that Swallow, Moore, Paauwe & Larter may form some sort of coalition to take the top spot, but this seems unlikely.”

The Art Life

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