Web Dings #3

Weblife Jun 11, 2004 No Comments

The way blogs work is that if someone notices you, you should notice them back. The Art Life celebrated a big week last week, sailing well over 460 hits in two days and we have in large part to thank The Swanker, a man of wealth and taste, for mentioning us. We should also thank that tireless promoter of Sydney events, Clarence Street as well as the appealingly named Hot Buttered Death the ultimate metablog, who took two big slices out of us for the delight of his readers.

In a completely unrelated incident, we were sent a URL for a web site for the Starn Twins. Who are they? They are a couple of New York artists who put out a book of their work in the 1990s and recently released another. They help launched the careers of a thousand mediocre collage artists and helped ease countless commercial photographers out of thankless, well paid jobs shooting cars and babes and into non-selling cut ups. (That atypical show of Bill Henson’s in the late 1990s being a good example). We like their work a lot, but they attract a lot of very weird, uncritical followers. As one astute reader put it on Amazon:

“As I was waching the book fellings of fredom came to my body. Those to drothers are the best example for people with dreams and hopes.Been a fotograther I find it very hard not to dream my life in to their studio watching them work. I really like this book and I can’t find it nowhere so please, please tell me the way to have it in my arms again.”

Still, nice web site.

Andrew Frost

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