Battle of The PR Ladies

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It’s Tom Waits, not Tom Waites and W.G. Sebold is W.G. Sebald. We accept responsibility for that. We also stated last week that the Bridget Riley show at the Museum of Contemporary Art was a cut down version of her career retrospective at the Tate Britain in London in 2003. MCA Publicity and PR manager Imogen Corlette wrote to correct a few points:

“Lovely to see your enthusiasm for the Bridget Riley show in your most recent blog. Just wanted to let you know, however, that the exhibition is not a cut down version of the Tate show but a new exhibition organised specifically with the artist by the MCA and Wellington with the British Council. The show also contains Bridget’s specially-commissioned wall drawing, designed for the space/wall, which is certainly unique to the Australian show.”

What happened was that we went to the MCA and we saw the show and we noticed how there weren’t as many works in it as there were at the Tate. Then we saw the wall drawing and it looked rather like the one that was in London, and then we looked at the catalogue in the book shop and we thought, you know, this looks like a cut down version of the London show, so you can see how we made our mistake… Our apologies for misleading our readers.

We also mentioned last week that the Bill Henson exhibition catalogue was sold out. Since we didn’t receive an email from Art Gallery of NSW über-publicist Jan Batten, we just went ahead and assumed that that was the case. Imagine our surprise when we walked into Ariel Books on Oxford Street yesterday and saw a copy just sitting there waiting for someone to buy it… It makes you wonder if Jan Batten is asleep at the switch. Hello?

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