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Latest issue, not related

Back in March 2004 we ran a short piece on the break up of Craftsman House and the sale of their titles Art Asia Pacific and Art & Australia. To be frank, we had completely forgotten about the piece and hadn’t given Art Asia Pacific another thought until earlier this year we received an email from a guy named Jose Mejia who works for the AAP PR firm Julia Joern Communications based in New York City. Mejia was asking if we’d like a copy of AAP to review and we said sure. We waited by the post box but the issue never came. Then last week we received another email from Mejia who said:

I’m writing on behalf of our client Art Asia Pacific. The ‘new’ Art Asia Pacific, which, coincidentally, is not the same ‘new’ Art Asia Pacific you reviewed recently- what you reviewed was one of the final issues by AAP’s old publisher and editor. However, AAP is now being published by Simon Winchester, and has an excellent new editor by the name of Elaine Ng. We’d really, really like to clarify this, as it’s managed to reflect back on Simon and Elaine, when they had nothing at all to do with the copy of the magazine you reviewed.

We had to search back through the archives to find our original story to refresh our memories. We had said that Gang Zhao was the publisher – as was noted on the AAP web site at the time – but we accept that the magazine we reviewed has nothing to do with the current team behind the current magazine. We hope that clears up any misunderstanding and our [belated] apologies.

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