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A little while back we posted a site that featured a robotic AI simulacrum of Philip K. Dick. Although we had some trepidation posting sites that aren’t about strictly about art, the response was enthusiastic. In that spirit we offer Art Life readers some recent finds.

Halloween themed Creature Crackers

Until quite recently the web used to be a place where you could find really eccentric, interesting things. That’s become a lot harder – there may be 14 million blogs but most of them are rubbish. By chance we recently discovered the work of a guy named Keith Milford who is using his blogs for something utterly obsessive and brilliant. Malls Of America is a site devoted to the ephemera of old shopping malls of the 60s and 70s including photos, flyers and even MP3s of vintage radio ads. He has other blogs: Deviled Ham is a collection of images of The Prince of Darkness [a.k.a. Satan] from movies, books, album covers and contributions from readers; Old Haunts is a collection of images from that most bizarre of American holidays – Halloween – and Santa And Me is an archive of images of that guy from Christmas. This is what the web was made for.

Now the art: Zack Smith, an American artist, has done an illustrated version of Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow. Big deal? He’s illustrated every single page.

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