Primavera: Your Audio Friends

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How does it work? Each artist’s work at the Museum of Contemporary Art‘s Primavera exhibition is accompanied by an audio file [MP3 format] containing a commentary. Click on the highlighted link and you will see a download page appear in a new window that’ll ask you to choose between a FREE download and a Premium [paid] download. Click on the FREE button and the page will refresh with a link to the audio file – click on the file name with DOWNLOAD next to it and the MP3 should start to download automatically.

Note: The host server may ask you to wait a few moments before you can download, usually just a few seconds.

I Use A PC – Should I Use Get Right or a Similar Program To Help Download? Well, you can try but there’s no guarantee that it’ll work. We’re cheap when it comes to money [although very generous with our time] and we’ve opted for a download service with free hosting [and a whole lot of advertising]. The upside is that the service is free but the downside is that there are limitations on the number of simultaneous downloads available and a bar on accelerated program assists such as Get Right. Luckily for you the files aren’t very big [all under 5 megs] so it won’t take long with your brand new broadband connection. Those people with dial up connections will just have to take their chances.

I Use a Mac, What Should I Do? You don’t have to do anything, Mac download managers do all the thinking for you… just like all the other Apple products you own that are little more than a white box with a monitor attached. Sure, you can sit there and say “But Macs are great for programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator” and be all hoity toity, but face it, that G5 that cost you an arm and a leg barely matches our five year old Pentium 3 with a $100 printer and a Ozemail account. Who’s laughing now????

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