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People have been asking “I’ve been enjoying your blog but I’ve been wondering, how can get more involved with The Art Life?” Until now we’ve been wondering that too while simultaneously asking ourselves “How can we make some money out of this sucker?” Now the answer to both questions is here: The Art Life Society.

You’re thinking, sure, I’ve been a member of so-called “art societies” before, but how do I know if this one isn’t going to be just some scam? You’ve got The Art Life’s Word™ on that, a solid gold, carved-in-stone, dinky-die promise. For just $100 a year for Premium Membership – or just an extra $25 for Platinum Membership – you too can share in the wild ride that is The Art Life. Share the exciting world ofthe Sydney art scene with its art galleries, glitzy openings, glossy publications and entrée into the social pages of the Sun Herald. Here’s what you get:

To become a member, just clip out the membership form in the current issue of LM: The Quintessential Guide To Sydney Style magazine and post it off. In return, you’ll get a laminated, official Art Life Pass that will enable you to start enjoying the Sydney art world. What are you waiting for?

The Art Life

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