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It’s a shame that Tracey Moffatt doesn’t have an opening every week. The weekend Sauce column in the Sydney Morning Herald ran a story in which we scored a small mention [albeit with the wrong spelling and no URL…]:

A demure Tracey Moffatt looked almost overwhelmed by the hordes who crowded out the world premiere of her new exhibition Under The Sign of Scorpio Roslyn Oxley Gallery on Thursday night. Such was the crush you could barely see the works which depict Moffatt as 40 well-known extraordinary Scorpio women such as Goldie Hawn and Whoopi Goldberg let alone how many red dots there were on the 21-edition series. Despite the first night adoration, Moffatt has copped a bit of art-world bitchiness with her new works and her recent revelation that she was having a house built near Noosa in the shape of a revolver. The acerbic artlife [sic] website has a poll that gives the new series the big thumbs down and an item headed “Help Tracey buy her dream house”. Given the US dollar prices Moffatt commands she doesn’t need any housing assistance, although she is yet to announce a New York dealer for this show.”

It’s great to see that whatever doubts some may have about Moffatt’s work have been overridden by the bulldozer of sales. Another sell out success, hoorah! In other Moffatt related news, the final voting to our poll

Tracey Moffatt’s new body of work

Is perhaps the worst work by a major artist I have ever seen 68% [72]
Rightly celebrates the witchy woman in all her glory 8% [9]
Continues her investigation of identity and therefore rocks 8% [8]
Will appreciate nicely in the secondary market 8% [8]
Is a dramatic improvement on last year 4% [4]
Is colourful and funny but missing the icon factor 3% [3]
Shows Cindy Sherman how it’s done 2% [2]

Total votes: 106

The numbers don’t lie.

The Art Life

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