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The vote is in and we now have our Round 2 winners – the group show Stars of Track & Field at Campbelltown City Gallery and Del Kathryn Barton‘s show at Kaliman Gallery. They now join Rectangular Ghost in a three-cornered death match vote off. Three shows enter, only one leaves!

The Results of Round Two

Exhibitions of The Year 2.0

Stars of Track & Field @ Campbelltown Art Gallery 37% 62
From Space To Place @ Gosford Regional Gallery 1% 2
Syd Ball @ Sullivan & Strumpf 0% 0
Dashanzi Art Festival Shanghai 2% 3
Ian Milliss @ Macquaire Uni Art Gallery 15% 26
Hany Armanious @ Oxley 26% 44
Rob McLeish @ Esa Jaske 8% 14
Linda Ivimey @ Martin Browne 2% 3
Art Movement @ UTS Gallery 3% 5
Terminus 2006 5% 9

168 votes total

Analysis: The one sure thing can say about democracy is that it doesn’t work. If you want something to happen you have to make it happen. Thus Stars of Track & Field streaked ahead from the start with only Hany Armanious‘s excellent show Intelligent Design at Oxley making any headway against the organised voting supporting the front runner. One curious aspect of this round was that the rather excellent Syd Ball show at Sullivan & Strumpf scored nul points, as the French say. You’d have thought someone would have voted for it. It might have had something to do with the show being by an old codger doing abstract paintings no one is really bothered with – but then Ian Milliss scored well with his show at Mac Uni so there’s goes that reasoning. Meanwhile Art Movement at UTS Gallery scored only a few votes too and that was one of the best shows we saw all year. In a complete reversal, fans of Rob McLeish‘s work at Esa Jaske early in the year once agin prove that our opinion counts for little – if you like you like it!

Exhibitions of The Year 2.1

Ten[d]ancy @ Elizabeth Bay House 2% 3
Christopher Hanrahan @ MOP 19% 34
Pam Aitken @ SNO 2% 4
Stephen Birch @ Kaliman 1% 1
Tim Silver @ GrantPirrie 9% 17
Benedict Ernst @ Platform 12% 22
Hayden Fowler @ Gallery Barry Keldoulis 12% 21
ReFrame @ Ivan Dougherty Gallery 1% 2
Lionel Bawden @ GrantPirrie 2% 4
Adventures in Form and Space @ AGNSW 5% 9
Primavera @ MCA 3% 6
John Hoyland @ Michael Carr 1% 2
Singapore Biennale 0% 0
Del Kathryn Barton @ Kaliman 20% 37
Tim Storrier @ Sherman Galleries 2% 4
Noel McKenna @ Darren Knight 9% 16

182 votes total

Analysis: Unlike voting in 2.0, the 2.1 vote wasn’t swayed by a voting block – the votes for Del Kathryn Barton’s show were consistent and wide spread. Christopher Hanrahan‘s show at MOP [no “Projects” anymore and that’s official]was just as good and was pipped at the final post. Hanrahan dops out of contention but can happily spend the holiday season wondering if he has or hasn’t been picked up by Oxley Gallery [we asked but have yet to get an answer from the gallery itself]. One show in this section scored no votes at all – the unlovely Singapore Biennale – a well deserved ignominy. Incredibly, Tim Storrier‘s dog’s breakfast of a show at Sherman Galleries got four votes, but we suspect, like John Hoyland’s outing with Michael Carr Art Dealer, it was a guilty pleasure.

The final vote off will finish at 9.30am Tuesday December 19th and be announced on Eastside Radio 89.7FM at 10am.

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