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Congratulations David J Rose, the winner of our exclusive competition to win a FREE copy of McCulloch’s New Encylopaedia of Australian Art. We were inundated with several entries and David’s stood out for a number of reasons: his entry captured the ambivalent nature of Pro Hart and his relationship to art, the art scene and world at large, he did also it in verse [which is always a winner], and he observed the rules of the comp, something beyond most of the entrants.


An outback artist with singular vision


Despite the critics’ derision.

Due to the praise of the Little Digger

(Despite images so trite

Which got the critics to bite)

His reputation (alas?) grew bigger

And so, Pro Hart is finding his place

– and the critics have egg on their face.

So if it is ‘rustic’ you want

Pro is your man

Outback Oz was his forte

With colours so bold

— and the critics do admire the prices

at which they are sold!

Our runners up were are two well known personages in our Comments community – the highly talented Spiv and the misnamed Undiscovered. Congratulations, gentlemen, you get a whopping $50 Discount Off the tome’s cover price of $295.

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