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Readers may have noticed a few new additions to The Art Life page. The most conspicuous of these are the links to Amazon but there is also the just-added MAKE A DONATION button just below the poll. Why are they there?

In the past we offered much but asked for little. In fact, we only asked for your love. But like a marriage that is on the wane, now is the time for you to prove your love by showering us with gifts and donations.

There are two ways you can do this.

You can make a donation to help us help ourselves. Click on the MAKE A DONATION link and you will be taken to PayPal. You’ll need to sign up to their service to make a donation, but with their new Australian branch and a reputation as the most secure cash transaction service on the web, why not? After all, PayPal is the prefered payment option for Ebay and countless thousands of subscription porn sites. Have your credit card handy!

If you don’t want to donate or sign up to PayPal, you can use our links to Amazon to buy books and DVDs. Although we won’t make any money from these links directly, we will get what is called “store credit”. Even if you don’t buy Virilio’s Art & Fear, we’ll get credit for your purchases through these links or the banner ad at the bottom of this page. Books and DVDs from the US are expensive, and we don’t mind admitting that we have a problem. The way to help us to spend more money is to spend it yourself.

You know when someone gets up from the bar and says “I’m going to make a donation”? Now you can join in.

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