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Of the members of Guns N Roses, who was the most ‘rock’?

This just in: Natural Selection 5, with the Gunners Duff McKagan on the cover, now avaiulable for download… Number 5, 116 pages of articles [including assembly instructions].

Andre Lee‘s hymn to Duff from Guns ‘n Roses.

Chris Chapman on guys who post their pictures on the internet, masculinity, the artistic representation of the persona of the adolescent male, transcendence…

Amy Chapman-Howden welcomes us to the jungle – with poetry.

David Craig reports from Michael Stevenson‘s raft carve up in Aachen.

Stephen Zepke
gets all philosophical about sci-fi films The Blob and The Day the Earth Stood Still, constructs “an ethics, and a politics of the alien as such.”

Charlotte Craw reports from space, probing Sriwhana Spong‘s recent show, Muttnik.

Bianca Hester
on Chris Hill’s Happy Hard Haunted Haus as “a diagram of micro-liberation”.

That’s one might huge PDF to download, but you can download individual articles – perhaps something for Un Magazine to think about?

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