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Hello. How are you? Would you like a cup of tea? These questions are rhetorical, since we can neither hear you nor actually give you a cup of tea. But let’s just imagine the cup of tea is conceptual and that the thoughts of you being well are sincere and genuine…

Contributions: The Art Life is now accepting reviews, articles and other items of interest from our readers for publication on this here blog. It’s a casual, friendly kind of relationship and we welcome all comers on the understanding that contributions will be vetted for suitability and edited for clarity and style. Since we’re into this new phase of the blog, we’re also crediting names with contributions, so you can use your real name and bask in the adulation of your peers, or you can use a pseudonym like James Tiptree Jr, or some sort of amusing nom de guerre… Please welcome our first newcomer, Carrie Lumby in the post below humorously entitled Shit Hot Or Not. If you’d like to contribute to The Art Life, send an email to us at theartlife[at]

Mailing List: “What gives”, you ask, “I used to get weekly updates from the Art Life and now nothing?!!” This is the problem. Our old account at Hotmail [which we still use for correspondence] decided that our credit was no good anymore and we are now barred from sending more than 200 emails a day in batches of no more than 50 at a time. We moved the whole mailing list over to Gmail only to discover they too have a daily limit and no customer support since they are Google and rule the world and have no need of us mere ants. We are currently looking into new hosting and hopefully we’ll get back to some semblance of blogging normality soon.

Critics Corner: If you’ve dropped by to exercise your democratic right to tell us how shit we are, please do so in the space provided below under the Venice Biennale Hee-Haw post. If you’re a visual kind of person, take note of the smiling donkey [or ass, if you prefer].

New Look: We’re currently working on a new look for this blog. We’ve been very happy with the Kubrick For Blogger style we adopted two years ago but things have changed, Blogger allows for all sorts of exciting widgets, so stand by for a very thrilling, exciting and frankly off-the-shelf update. Woo hoo.

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