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Tired of MySpace? Fed up with FaceBook? Looking for something that will waste time until the coffee break? Just relax and enjoy…

We get sent a lot of links to artist sites and blogs and one of the most interesting to come our way lately is the site of Peter Callesen , an artist working in the medium of cut paper. There are a lot of artists using the old scissors-and-paper medium [cheap to buy, hard to master] but few are as quite as good as this.

A couple of blogs recently brought to our attention really stretch the limits of taste. The blog Illustration Art is a celebration of illustration for all manner of outlets, from pop culturally acceptable comics, illustrated novels and poster art through to the pop culturally unacceptable outlets such as greeting cards, car company ads and fantasy art. That the blog makes no value distinction is refreshing and challenging.

The blog Tomorrowland is an old fashioned blog that wanders around many subject areas for kicks, from pot addled cult leaders to a post about why some gut got tasered by the cops. On a more art related front, the blog does have the occasional architecture related story, such as futuristic architecture in Dubai and the speculative art of NASA that envisions what a 1970s space habitat would have looked like.

It was through Tomorrowland that we discovered the joys of Astrona: Space & Astronomical Art, a copyright busting blog dedicated to gathering together the work of artists such as Chris Foss, Chesley Bonestell and Shigemi Numawaza. If you’re asking “who?” then clearly you didn’t spend the better part of your teenage years reading crappy SF novels and wondering why the cover paintings weren’t in “proper” art galleries. Well, the answer to that last question is fairly obvious, but we’re way past caring and Astrona is a mixture of nostalgia and guilty pleasure.

Judith Van Heeren, Garnet red birds in grey landscape, 2007.
86 x 183 cm.

We’re always looking for suggestions from artists for new additions to our list of artists sites and blogs. A blog we found through a gallery invitation is the work of Judith Van Heeren, an expat Dutch artist living in Melbourne who is currently having a show at MurrayWhiteRoom. Just the right side of kitsch, Van Heeren’s work is moodily abstract with a lovely addition of birdyness.

Finally, a site you might want to visit before you’ve had your lunch is the work of New Zealand artist Angela Lasinger. It’s creepy and frankly disturbing. You have been warned.

Andrew Frost

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