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You’ve been wasting a lot of time browsing… which usually means you want to spend more time browsing. It’s a vicious cycle. Happily we’re here to help…

We’ve updated with some new artist’s links. Incessant scribbler Gosia Wlodarczak has launched a new site that showcases her inter-disciplinary practice from drawing, installation and performance to some exquisitely produced DVDs. Another beautifully designed site is Stereopresence, the web site of Dr. Ross Rudesch Harley, another multi-disciplinary artist with archived audio, video and text and a blog featuring info on his collaborative projects with Elvis Richardson. Harley, a veteran of the on-line world, has another site he shares with his partner Maria Fernanda Cardoso and a site dedicated to his Aviopolis project. We’ve also linked to Jai McKenzie‘s website which has photos and info and some videos that are “comming”. We’re not quite sure what that means but we’ll definitely be going back to find out.

It’s not often that a brand new art magazine arrives and it’s with unabashed excitement we note the debut issue of Artist Profile, launched last week at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The angle [we’re told] is the magazine features interviews with artists by artists, or just with artists – no market bs, no gallery profiles – just artists, artists, artists all the way. The first issue features articles on young up and comers like Sidney Nolan, John Hoyland and that painter of exquisite big heads Alan Jones. The issue also excitedly proclaims the arrival of Reg Mombassa to the publication. Hoorah. Welcome to the world Artist Profile.

We receive a lot of emails. Most are welcome, but a lot of it is spam. For reasons unknown to us, Martina Hughes has been sending us information on Tantric Blossoming Workshops, where women may find not just the goddess inside but the sacred prostitute as well. Writes Martina:

“Why use the term sacred sexuality? Sacred sexuality is a path to increased awareness through becoming more responsive to your feeling body and using your energy to connect more deeply with your lover. Opening to greater pleasure, feeling and sensation provides the doorway to increased intimacy whereby lovers begin to call on the divine in each other, and can move towards ecstatic highs in the sexual relating. I have written an article in Inner Self magazine, due out this month, about Sexual Union for Transformation – if you are in NSW or QLD keep an eye out for it in the local health shops.”

We’re not certain if we’re the right er… target audience for this steamy material but hey, keep it “comming”.

If you’d like to have your web site included on our list, or alert us to any of your other activities, note that the address for all correspondence to The Art Life is via our Hotmail address theartlife[..] and not via the mailing list sign up address.

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