The McCulloch Saga

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Just over two years ago we posted an email from Susan McCulloch, the Melbourne-based author and journalist who is also the editor and co-writer of the third edition of The Encyclopedia of Australian Art . Her email in April 2006 was to clear up the widely held misconception that she is related to either Jan McCulloch or Cath McCulloch of Art Alamanac fame. Nor is she related in any way to McCulloch Gallery. Well, we thought all that was nicely stowed away in the overhead locker when we recieved an email earlier today from Alex McCulloch, the director of said gallery:

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to your blog from April 13th 2006… McCulloch Gallery is dedicated to the promotion of emerging and mid career Australian artists. We hold a new exhibition every three weeks in our warehouse gallery space which is located in Rankins Lane (off little Burke st) in the Melbourne CBD. Iwould like to strongly re-itereate Susan McCulloch’s comments from the April 06 blog. I am not related to either Susan McCulloch (certainly not) or Janice and Cathy McCulloch from the Art Almanac. I have a great working relationship with Cathy and Janice having regularly advertised through their fabulous publication since we opened our doors in May 2005. My gallery door is always open to Susan and I hope she does bother to come down at some point and have a look at the high quality of work hung on our walls and to meet the ‘bloke’ who runs the space. I have enjoyed reading your art blog over the past two years. Please feel free to come down and check out my gallery for a chat sometime.

Kind Regards,

Alex McCulloch

Although nearly two and a half years after the fact, it’s still nice to finally get that all sorted out. Now, if we can just get the Cullen situation under control we might be getting somewhere by 2015.

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