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The Art Life was saddened to learn of the untimely passing of young Melbourne curator Kerrie-Dee Johns. Johns, who had curated the Next Wave show Stranger of The Month, was 30. The Age published an obituary on Monday:

“MELBOURNE-based contemporary arts curator and writer Kerrie-Dee Johns has died suddenly at home in central Melbourne, shortly before an exhibition she curated was due to open at this year’s Next Wave festival. She was 30.

“Stranger of the Month was to be her second with the festival, and marked her as an emerging curatorial talent after a decade spent building her artistic credentials in her adopted city.

“Festival organisers described her as “an intelligent, insightful and very original young curator”. The exhibition – dubbed “an amateur publishing project” – was staged for one day during the festival in tribute. It demonstrated Johns’ exploration of ways that strangers could be brought together in acts of collective creativity.”

Emerging curatorial talent intent on bridge building prematurely exits stage, The Age.

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