A Year of Denim

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Jane Polkinghorne has taken up a mighty denim challenge – to wear a significant denim item on or about her body from April 2009 until April 2010:

From April 30, 2009 my aim is to wear denim every day for a year. By denim I mean everything from the definition of denim fabric… to fabric that emulates the look of denim… like this beautiful faux denim patchwork suit found on Digital Vintage.
Yours for a snap at only US$60!!

Every day I’ll post a picture of my outfit and give a description proving it’s denim-ness. And by wearing denim I mean a denim bottom, a denim top and at least 1 denim accessory. It’s gunna be tricky. I better get on that internet web thing to look for clothes.

June 10 marks the 48th day of the denim year and Jane is starting to feel the grind of running a blog and other art projects at the same time:

Today is the first day that doing this blog thingy has felt like a chore. Oh well. I have committd to doing it for a year so I just have to suck it up.

It’s cold outside, but warm inside my denims.

Top: Fletcher Jeans jacket, the first denim jacket I bought as an adult and still going strong

Bottom: Back into the Industrie skinny jeans. I think my thighs have gained weight since I wore them last week. They feel subtly tighter

Accessory: Mavi denim shoulder bag… little size, big style

We urge all readers of The Art Life to regularly visit Jane’s denim blog and give this magnificent project the support it needs. And remember Jane, only 317 days to go!

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