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Tino La Bamba‘s quest to ride a motorised dragster from Sydney to Lismore was an astonishing success but it is only now that the startling details of his adventure are becoming known. La Bamba, who may be somehow related to Renny Kodgers [second cousin?], made an unexpected appearance on Prime News:

More details of La Bamab’s trip can be found on his webiste, such as this intriguing tidbit:

“Word is continuing to spread of my remarkable odyssey. The largest newspaper in the district, The Northern Star interviews me. They are keen to hear of the knowledge that I have gleaned by travelling through this harsh land. I speak to two men. A writer and a photographer who have been sent to cover my story. They stare up at me wide eyed as I impart my observations on the landscape that has surrounded them their entire lives. They ask me if I have encountered any hostility as I passed from pueblo to pueblo. I tell them that I have only encountered “hostility tamed”. They look at me like I make no sense. So I explain to them that if ever there was a moment of aggression it was so quickly abated that it would be incorrect to call it hostility. The appropriate term is “hostility tamed”. I tell them that yes I came across a lot of this.”

Read more at Tinolabamba.com.

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