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New Work Feb 13, 2009 No Comments

“I’m interested in art that reflects every day life and experiences. Although my works hide the interactive technologies required to drive them, I’m dependent on this same hidden technology to achieve a deeper connection with the audience and to make the artwork seem more ‘real’ and identifiable. For Drifting, I have drawn from both intimate and global experiences to connect with the viewer. This work allows the viewer to act as a voyeur as they watch the personal lives of others and are led to reflect on their own. The placement of three surrounding projections on screens and real objects creates an immersive experience and should help to enhance the ‘presence’ of the characters in the real space. Although the interaction of the viewer is minimal, it is enough for them to disrupt the flow of the fictional characters lives and thus play a part in the narrative. The immersive film sequence features a loose narrative, based on the experience of insomnia. As the central character moves across the room, he drifts from states of consciousness, wakefulness, reality, fantasy and nightmare. The work is ‘choreographed’ to a dramatic cello composition, using the genre of German Expressionism as a major influence – Julia Burns.”

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