Compass II

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Compass II, 2003–2009
New Media Video Installation by Atanas Djonov

Studio One, UNSW, Gate 2, High Street Kensington (straight ahead, next to Io Myers Studio)

November 11, 6–8pm.
Exhibition dates and times: November 9–19, 10.30am–5.30pm

Compass II is a new media video installation environment constructed for interplay between audience members and its author. The installation consists of a marine compass and four screens that are aligned with the four major geographic directions (East, West, North and South). Made from canvas and a rectangular wooden frame, each screen resembles a propaganda poster (‘agit?plakat’). The installation has four audio-visual channels and includes a database comprising nine stand-alone single-channel video works created by the artist in the period 2003-2009 and raw footage and video segments from various stages of the development of each work. The images show various vacant and populated locations from two different geographic and socio-cultural environments – Australia and Bulgaria – in which the artist has been both a passive observer and an active participant, and are accompanied by subtitled international revolutionary and traditional Balkan folk songs.

Andrew Frost

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