Crowdsourcing influential exhibitions [with bonus sweetner]

Art Life Jan 11, 2010 No Comments

We’re in the early stages of research for series three of The Art Life and we’re wondering what in your opinion have been the more influential and important exhibitions in Australia since the late 1960s?

You can vote for the sample we’ve posted at right in the poll, or you can nominate your own ideas, either in the comments below or via email to the art life at hot mail dot com. “Influential” or “important” are up to you to define, but a reason for the nomination would also to be helpful. In the quid pro quo of blogging we’ve decided to sweeten the deal: the most interesting, thoughtful and well reasoned nomination will win a $17.99 album from iTunes, gifted from the Art Life to you.

That’s pretty sweet!

The Art Life

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