Gursky’s view from space

News May 12, 2010 2 Comments

“The Sprüth Magers gallery in Berlin is currently showing a new series of work by Andreas Gursky, inspired by the blue void of ocean displayed on an in-flight monitor during a flight from Dubai to Melbourne…

“The Ocean I-VI series is on show from 1 May until 19 June at Sprüth Magers and features six new large-scale works by the German artist. The work apparently originates from Gursky being struck by the pictorial quality of the back-of-seat display as it showed the wide expanse of water that he was flying 35,000ft above (with the Horn of Africa to the far left of the screen, a tip of Australia to the right).

“A text on the Sprüth Magers website explains the processes involved of creating the resulting series of images. “Gursky used high-definition satellite photographs which he augmented from various picture sources on the Internet,” say the gallery. “The satellite photos are restricted however to exposures of sharply contoured land masses. Consequently the transitional zones between land and water – as well as the oceans themselves – had to be generated completely by artificial means…”

Read More: Andreas Gursky: Ocean I-VI

Andrew Frost


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  2. cara oke

    For any space junkies in Sydney, gbk is showing new works by Sean Cordeiro & Claire Healy in Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going, Why. on the Challenger tip.
    “To invent the sailing ship or steamer is to invent the shipwreck.”
    -Paul Virilio
    opening fri 14 May 6pm along with Darren Knight Gallery and breenspace.

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