High Reflections #14

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High Reflections #14

Serial Space
33 Wellington St | Chippendale | Saturday 4th December 2010 | 8:00pm | $10

High Reflections Presents:

Dolphins Into The Future

Monopoly Child (US)

Ben Byrne


Dolphins into the Future is the Antwerp-based, Cetacean Nation Communications and Taped Sounds ambassador, Lieven Martens. Forming his music through a process of ‘automatic writing instigated by dialogues with the cetacean world’, Martens’ warbly and effervescent sonic ecosystems abound with the attuned aquatic energies and tranquillity of liquid percussion, echolocative synth gurgle, Polynesian cantata and tape-collage swirl.

Monopoly Child is The Skaters’ and Pacific City Vision’s Spencer Clark. His ornate, hallucinatory environments are enacted through a Xerox mirage of celestial horse gallop, mizmar-like horn melismas and avian vocal Interpretation. His live performances have been likened to a mix of t…emple inauguration and 50’s Ethnic Folkways bootleg, and his myriad of recorded artefacts surf from devotional pyramid drone and celestial bamboo ritual to the tropical romance audio novel of his most recent vision, ‘Make Mine, Macaw’.

Ben Byrne is an artist, musician, curator, researcher, tutor, producer and writer. He has performed extensively in Australia and overseas, both solo and in various groups, and has just released Disposition on his own label Avantwhatever. His solo performances of visceral improvisation represent a conscious and thorough consideration of the laptop as instrument, focus on the relationship between the musician and his equipment as it plays out in any given space and ask the audience to chart their own path as the music constantly emerges from and disappears into a mess of signals, actions and noise.

Pimmon is the recording name of Australian musician Paul Gough. Pimmon has been perfecting his unique mixture of drone- and glitch-based abstract digital soundscapes, which he creates using a variety of sound sources that he manipulates on his computer.

Thanks to Kraak, High Reflections, Obedient Atom, Adam Art Gallery, Disembraining Machine and Altmusic NZ for their support in bringing Spencer and Lieven.

High Reflections is a monthly series of experimental music produced by Caleb Kelly and Alex White. For more information about these artists or the High Reflections Series please contact Alex White.


High Reflections is supported by Arts NSW and Music NSW.

Andrew Frost

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