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Subscribing: There are two ways you can access The Art Life. One is the old fashioned way – via the site. A more modern way is to receive email updates whenever we publish new content.

Sign up by adding your email address to the box where it says “Enter your email address” under the text that says “Subscribe to The Art Life”. Click on the subscribe button and then follow these steps: you’ll receive an email from Feedburner asking you to verify the subscription. Click on the link in the email that takes you to Feedburner and the onerous task of clicking your mouse or pad three times is finally over. Hoorah! You’re signed up.

Unsubscribing: All subscriptions to The Art Life email list are confidential. In fact, they’re so confidential we don’t even have access to them. If you want to unsubscribe from the email updates, go to the bottom of the last email you received. At the bottom you will see this text:

You are subscribed to email updates from The Art Life. To stop receiving these emails, you may unsubscribe now.

Simply click on ‘unsubscribe now’ in the email and follow the instructions. Unfortunately, we can’t do that for you since we don’t know what your email address is.

Twitter: We update many times a day with new and exciting time-wasting links and bon mots on Twitter. Follow us The_Art_Life

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  1. Please inform me of updates of new content. Thankyou. Julie

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