New Work Friday #68

New Work Nov 19, 2010 1 Comment

Dream Job by David M Thomas is a poignant and pretty funny confessional ‘stage set’, sometimes slightly awkward, and ultimately an incomplete view of the artist. It’s a kind of self-portraiture that reflects back on viewers how they might perceive of their own self amid the force of various socialisation processes. Its gentle stab is at romanticised ideals of an artist as someone in society with, supposedly, a license for freedom, pleasure and bohemianism… what many might consider a ‘dream job’. Dream Job posits that to be a successful artist today demands a symbiotic relationship with institutions in order to qualify for critical or marketing appeal, audiences, grants, sales, review, or exhibition, and that these institutions generate disproportionate influences which shape contemporary artists.”

Got new work you’d like to share? Send images [no larger than 500x500px and 350k each] and a short statement about the work to: the art life at hotmail dot com. If you’d like to co-ordinate a New Work submission with the opening of an exhibition please send your work at least four weeks in advance.

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