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Art Life , Site News Dec 22, 2010 2 Comments

The Art Life relaunched on May 1st 2010 and it was rather like starting over from scratch. Would it work? Would they come? Happily the site has been doing rather well, thanks for asking, with new people offering their services and coming up with the proverbial goods. We’re doing better in terms of our reader numbers now than we did at the old site and there are exciting plans for 2011. Yes, plans. We always say that, but this time we mean it. A big thank you to our readers for coming along for Art Life 2.0 and to all the writers past and present who contributed to the new look ‘n’ feel. Also to The Registry for being who they are. We’ll be taking a break over the new year and back in mid-January. In the meantime please enjoy our writers wrap up of their favourite things of 2010 – not just the new stuff, but the old stuff as well. Hope you enjoy it. See you soon.

The Art Life


  1. Sportsfan

    …he says I want a beer thanks…

  2. graham smith

    Thanks for all the great stuff TAL.

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