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Jack Condon, Isobel Parker Philip, Irit Pollak and Daryl Prondoso

galleryeight, 12 Argyle Place, Millers Point NSW 2000

12th -25th November

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12-6pm

An exhibition of photography and sculpture by Jack Condon, Isobel Parker Philip, Irit Pollak and Daryl Prondoso that plays with the edge and collapses the periphery.

A ‘slip’ is a fleeting event, occurring in the briefest of instants. We are not aware of the slip as it happens. It is too fast. It is only afterwards, once we are back on our feet, that we realize what has happened.
Distilling the instantaneous, the artists in this exhibition attempt to catch the slip – the metaphorical slip – as it occurs.

Where Condon collides the real with the surreal, Pollak grafts three-dimensional forms from two-dimensional images, slipping between the tangible and the intangible. While Prondoso’s attention slides into the voided abyss, Philip uncovers the narratives that lie dormant in the space between images, teasing association out of disassociation. These works lead the viewer through paradoxical and uneven ground over which they must tread carefully, lest they themselves slip and fall.

Andrew Frost

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