A very special greeting for 2011

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How are you? We are fine. Would you like a cup of tea? Yes to that, too.

The Art Life is slowly coming back to life for 2011 to coincide with the end of that long national drowse beginning on the first Tuesday in November and continuing coma-like right through until Australia Day.

While you’ve been sleeping, we’ve been tinkering. A glance around our home page will reveal a few changes. Below the sponsor ads on the left hand side and below the pages links you’ll see a brand new category of links called Featured Artists. This is a selection of links to sites and blogs by artists culled from the over 200 links we previously hosted on the home page. The old list was getting crazily long and so we’ve decided to shorten it and change Featured Artists regularly. If you’re an artist and would like to be featured send us an email to the usual address or contact us via the Contact The Art Life form page.

We’ve also swapped our Galleries list over the left hand side of the page and included only artist run initiatives, public and regional galleries of note. If you’d like to be included there, same deal as above.

The newest addition to the home page are some hand-picked RSS feeds of art news. This will replace our regular Art News round up since all that copying and pasting was giving our hands RSI. There’s some good content there. True, we’ve stolen it, but that’s what blogs are about.

Coming soon, some of our own content. And that’s a promise.

The Art Life

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