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Presented by the Slow Art Collective (SAC): Tony Adams, Chaco Kato, Ash Keating, Dylan Martorell Guest artists: Nathan Gray, Ocular Lab, Roda Roda, Scale Free Network and the Wemakeus Collective.

The Brunswick Project is an evolving installation that explores how we respond to our surroundings. Using found materials and discarded objects collected from the Moreland area, members of SAC and guest artists will transform the Counihan Gallery into an active studio environment, with new installations and interior spaces unfolding each week. A series of interactive events and workshops that focus on issues of sustainability will also take place in this multi-platform project.


Wemakeus is a collective, a creative conscience that seeks to bring creative thinking to the fore of the public mind. See our evolving manifesto here Can creative culture facilitate social change? Is is possible to focus our creative outputs to catalyse social change? Is it important to make creativity socially potent and how do we do that? As part of the Brunswick Project, Wemakeus will be hosting a weekend forum series in July at the Counihan Gallery where we hope to continue to delve into the public consciousness to bring creative thought-patterns to the fore. We will also incorporate material generated from our online survey where we continue to build up a database of information on the links between: creativity,innovation, education, empathy, wisdom, science, psychology, politics, communication, the internet, the environment and hope.

Wemakeus Public Weekend Forum

Location: Counihan Gallery In Brunswick
next to the Brunswick Town Hall, 233 Sydney Road, Brunswick.

Saturday 2nd July
12-2pm: Do you need to make to create?
3-4.30pm: What can a collective achieve that an individual cannot?

Sunday 3rd July
1.15pm -2.30pm: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch- Change: What change can we image in
ourselves? What change can we imagine in society?

3-4.30pm: What is Wemakeus Collective now?


Open Survey

A public survey is currently online and we would like to encourage as many people as possible from as many different spheres of life to complete it. So please complete it and join us at the Counihan Gallery to be part of the outcome and discussion.
Do the Survey

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