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16th June – 3rd July 2011
opening Thursday 16.06.2011 6 – 8 pm


Directors Show

The 2010 Firstdraft Directors are Connie Anthes, Grace Archibald, Lionel Bawden, Georgie Meagher, Debbie Pryor, Dylan Quirk, Kate Scardifield & Jessica Tyrrell.

The Directors of Firstdraft 2010 present a new work as part of MOP’s ARI showcase series in 2011. By choosing to work outside the parameters of each directors’ individual artistic practices, the resulting installation elevates a collaborative process to the role of art object. D.I.A. is a playful musing upon an endless series of openings and closings; ultimately involving the spectator in the creation of the spectacle.

Image: Firstdraft Directors 2010, 8 Red Curtains, 2011, Digital print, dimensions variable.


Charmed | Simon Cooper

Charmed is an exposition of the unacknowledged agenda of self promotion that frequently accompanies contemporary artists attempts at “cross-cultural” exchange. Having lived, worked, studied and made art in S.E. Asia on and off for the last 20 years, I have developed a keen awareness of the cultural currency this experience has within the Australian Arts industry.

In a self reflexive critique of my own self interests when importing my knowledge about traditional cultures into contemporary Western high culture, I will apply this knowledge and experience of buddhism, animism, spiritualism, possession, magic symbolism, shamanism, death rituals, rebirth, ghosts and ancestor worship, to create spells, charms and totems, rituals and ceremonies that seek to influence my art practice, gallerists, curators, art reviewers and judges, specifically to assure the success of my career as an artist. This body of work will use cross-cultural knowledge in a creatively powerful yet self obsessed and deluded attempt at personal promotion within the arts through the paranormal.

Simon Cooper is a multi-disciplinary artist who works primarily in sculpture and photography. He has participated in residencies and exhibitions within Australia and abroad, including Thailand, India and Iran. Based in Darwin, he has worked in, been influenced by, and travelled extensiveley throughout neighbouring S.E. Asia. Cooper currently teaches in the School of Creative Arts and Humanites at Charles Darwin University.

Image: Circuit of Life (detail)
2010 Digital print, ritual performance
30 cm x 20 cm

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