New Work Friday #90

New Work Sep 30, 2011 2 Comments

One and the Same

1. Paint coloured squares until canvas is full
2. Paint coloured circles until canvas is full
3. Mix it up

A myriad complex results from the simplest of elements. The basic shapes and colours can be combined in countless ways, as can the finished paintings – everything is interchangeable.

Kate Mackay

Got new work you’d like to share? Send images no larger than 500x500px and 350k each plus a short statement about the work to: the art life at hot mail dot com.

The Art Life


  1. Rebecca

    Is it possible to buy one of these paintings – i love them


  2. tanja

    Hi Kate,
    Could you email me to discuss possibilities to use your painting for the cover of my forthcoming book (academic monograph)?


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