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Dear readers,

We end the year as we began stuffed full of holiday cheer with nothing on our minds except more wine, beer, turkey leftovers and the need for a good lie down. It has been an unexpectedly busy year here at TEAM Art Life as we peruse the site stats like a Qantas boss lookin’ to lay off some workers in time for the holidays.

Since these stats are a closely guarded secret all we can do is allude to the fact the numbers have exceeded our wildest imaginings so maybe those jobs are safe for now.

And that’s all thanks to you, the gentle Art Life reader, so tolerant of our misadventures, so uncritical of our efforts, so charmingly accepting of our foibles. We loves ya.

Thanks go to our team of writers – Carrie Miller, Sharne Wolff, John Kelly, Din Heagney, Meredith Birrell and our illustrator Bruce McMillan.

We shall return in the New Year with our fist ever ART LIFE AWARDS timed to coincide with the low-news, high-bs media cycle sometime in late January. Thanks for your patronage in 2011.


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