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Site News Jul 25, 2011 No Comments

Since we relaunched The Art Life 14 months ago we’ve been beavering away behind the scenes tagging all the old posts that were migrated from the old blog to this here new site. With only about – ooh – 500 more posts to go we should complete the process in a month or so.

So what happens then? Go over to the old site and have a look around – it’s a ghost town where the wind blows through the abandoned posts like the chill call of death itself. Crazy people surf in and leave insane comments on stories we posted in 2005. It’s spooky.

Our plan is to delete the old blog on September 30. The Google returns for Art Life posts are already confused by the duplication of posts and we have to manage the old comments so once we’ve completed the tagging here the old blog is history.

For those artists and galleries with links from their sites and blogs to the old address now is the time to update. For those artists who have cited Art Life reviews in their CVs [crazy yes, but some have actually done that] all the old posts are on this site with new URLs. To find them simply type in the title of the old post into the search field on the home page and you can find the new URL and update accordingly.

Thank you for your attention.

The Art Life

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