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From Andrew Frost

Contemporary art and music have always been kissing cousins, meeting at the hard edge of marketing, in pop videos and graphic design, getting together and causing trouble. Now the exhibition Transmission matches contemporary artists with musicians to make a gallery show. The Zen-inspired and mono-monikered artist Nell meets guitarist Babymachine for some noise meditation [pictured] while veteran DJ Stephen Allkins and video artist Daniel Mudie Cunningham revisit and remix classic ’80s pop clips. Other match ups include artist Rachel Scott with ex Bad Seed Mick Harvey, ex-Avalanches DJ Darren Seltmann meets sound sculptor Vicky Browne and Mr. Renny Kodgers will make a live appearance with the Sweet Tonic Choir.

Until 5 August 5.
Campbelltown City Art Gallery, Campbelltown.
Pic courtesy the Artist and the Gallery.

Andrew Frost

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