But Wait There’s More #7

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Number seven in an occasional series highlighting the best of Australian and international art writing…

“The exhibition is by an Australian and Norwegian artist whose works act as moderators between architecture and viewer. Their artworks establish conceptual frameworks for working with space within built environments by utilising different methods that are related to abstract qualities in artworks that are embedded in the nature of spatial and social perception. Each artist’s method of making work focuses on the conceptual processes that go into art making, and the relationship formed between the work and sites where they are located. Sanaz Hosseinabadi is an architect, interior designer and theorist at the intersection between sacred geometric form and architecture. Her artwork combines symbols and belief systems in applied geometry and architectural design. Kent Fonn Skåre is an artist and graphic designer working within a minimalist aesthetic. His artwork deals with geometric form and the perceived appearances of materials in a double take that question what we see before us. Both artists’ works acknowledge abstract qualities when dealing with space by merging architecture, sculpture and elements of design. By analysing the space in constructed environments, new ways of working are discovered and identifying non-objective abstraction establishes conceptual frameworks for using abstracted fragments, which alters and augments perceptual awareness. By drawing attention to the works own abstracted state, they are self-conscious if not reflexive with the extremities of their abstraction.”

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