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For your holiday enjoyment and entertainment, a new mix from The Art Life’s own DJ Nesbitt.

Track List

I Am Sitting In A Room – Alvin Lucier

New World Rising [New Density Mix] – Kim Cascone, Richard Chartier, Taylor Dupree

Slow Loris vs Poison Snail – David Toop

Oraison – Olivier Messaien

Moon Over Ruined Castle – Arthur Lyman

Reflected Message – The Focus Group

Being Watched / No Pushing or Shoving – Walter Murch & Lalo Schifrin

Neckless – Triosk Meets Jan Jelinek

Layering Buddha Live 2008 – Robert Henke / Fourcolor Remix – Fourcolor / All That’s Allowed [Remix] – Philip Jenk

The Ice Storm – Klimek

Little Yellow – Blixa Bargeld

Future Jungle – DJ Nesbitt / Paint it Black – Fennesz

Xusanzhuan de Tuoluonidi – Wang Fan


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Andrew Frost

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  1. liz

    would love to HEAR these. Is this just a suggested list to search myself or can I access it somehow?

    Sorry about that, the link to our Soundcloud page is now restored. See above.

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