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“[Avian – of, relating to, or characteristic of birds]. The title of this body of work came to me before I began painting this series. I often find a word or sentence appears strongly in my consciousness, which then plagues me so much, that I must produce a series of paintings about or around that particular word or sentence. It’s as if a seed has presented itself, and my purpose is to plant it. I have been attracted to painting birds for some time, they present for me, a plethora of motif, originating perhaps from my fathers collection and breeding of birds when I was very young. I am drawn to the power, dexterous flight and fragility of birds and can see parallels of these traits within people and the human form. Wings are the epitome of power and fragility, they’re beautiful complex structures, that for many are considered objects of desire. Wings hold a fragile hope, that may bring about freedom, perhaps a higher reach of consciousness, real or imagined. Within this body of work I have aimed to represent a philosophy of the avian being, not only focusing on physical liberation of movement, but investigating movement within a metaphysical context and the flight of the mind.” – Margarita Georgiadis.

Avian – Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane 8- 26 May, 2012.

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