New Work Friday #110

New Work Jun 08, 2012 No Comments

“‘From the Place’ is a site based installation that forms a synthesis of my movements within the space, my connections to other places and my responses to research; in this case drawings of geographical maps and images of weather maps. ‘From the Place‘ navigates the architecture of Comb Art Space, mapping out abstract trajectories along the way and forming shapes that overlap in a topographical tangle of colour. The black lines connect the floor and ceiling in a skewed longditudinal way. I consider my works to be ‘exercises in mapping‘ and colour inspires me to make the next move, the next mark; it is like playing a game of psychedelic spatial chess (not that I know how to play chess!). As I lay down each line and additional colour the space starts to tell me where to go next.” – Rebecca Ross.

Got new work you’d like to share? Send images no larger than 550x500px and 350k each and a short paragraph about the work to: the art life at hot mail dot com.

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