Old Work Friday #3

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“Painter Joos (Jodocus) de Momper was born in 1564 in Antwerp. Apprenticed first to his father, he travelled to Italy in the 1580s. More than 500 paintings have been attributed to De Momper, although only a small number are signed. Most of his work features landscapes: mainly fantasy landscapes viewed from a high vantage point and employing conventional colour schemes – brown shades for the foreground, through green to blue for the background. These wide panoramas also feature groups of figures. Later, De Momper began painting his landscapes from a lower angle. De Momper is considered a pioneer in landscape painting.”

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Andrew Frost

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  1. Thanks for posting these old faves! We used them as inspiration for the Second Life project ‘Foul Whisperings, Strange Matters’ in 2008 – the SL island is shaped like a skull in this 3d interactive adaption of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, so that most of the action/exploration takes place (literally and figuratively) inside Macbeth’s head.

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