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In what has been the worst kept secret of the last six months, gallerists Tim Olsen and Rex Irwin today announced that their oft-mooted union is official. The news comes after earlier media speculation in which Irwin played wet blanket, while Olsen was boyishly enthusiastic having already been through this sort of thing before with Michael Carr

After thirty-six years, Rex Irwin Art Dealer will be leaving 38 Queen Street at the end of 2012.

We are delighted to announce the partnership of Rex Irwin & Tim Olsen, who together have over 60 years of experience in the Australian art world.

Our move to the Tim Olsen Gallery at 63 Jersey Road, Woollahra, will mark the beginning of an exciting new venture – OLSEN IRWIN.

OLSEN IRWIN will exhibit a broad spectrum of Australian and international art, in the gallery, online, and at art fairs.

Keep in touch with us via our new website www.olsenirwin.com for further news and announcements.

We thank you for your support and friendship and look forward to seeing you at
OLSEN IRWIN in 2013.

FROM FEBRUARY 5, 2013 | OLSEN IRWIN | 63 Jersey Road Woollahra NSW 2025
T. + 61 2 9327 3922 F. + 61 2 9327 3944 | Hours – TUES to FRI 10 – 6 SAT 10 – 5 SUN 12 – 5
rex@olsenirwin.com | brett@olsenirwin.com

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  1. Janice Feszt

    Quite a leap into a brave new world which already has young people interested and that can only be a good
    start. Best of luck for the extensive venture,well done.
    Rex, mother would have loved all the news.

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