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Suzanne Boccalatte and Meredith Jones are in the final production of their next in the series Trunk Volume Two: Blood a handsome book of art and writing about that most vital of bodily fluids, blood.

Blood is a fluid, living tissue—a complex mix of platelets and plasma. Far more than a physical and chemical solution of red and white cells, haemoglobin and protein, blood is the most ubiquitous and profound symbol for the deepest of human concerns: life, death, love and sex.

With an introduction from Jeff Lindsay, author of the Dexter novels, Blood contains writers and artists from all over the world have contributed to the volume. Fiction, drawings, photography, recipes, essays, poetry and interviews about everything bloody.

Artists like UK artists Martin Parr and Stella Vine bot from the UK, Caravaggio and Kahlo, to US Maya Hayuk and Cara Levy‘s series on Singular Beauty, to our own Noel McKenna, Petrina Hicks and Trent Parke.

Our curious collection covers Murder and Menstruation, Video Games and Vampires, Bollywood and Bullfighting.

About Trunk: The Trunk series of books is about the stuff of the body. Each volume focuses on a body part: Hair, Blood, and perhaps in future Skin, Mouth, Hands, Eyes and Bones… the list is endless. Each volume showcases art and writing in unique ways. These books are designed to be felt and held as much as read. In a world overflowing with digital content their gorgeous sensuality is refreshing.

Who are we? We are Suzanne Boccalatte and Meredith Jones. Suzanne is a creative thinker and designer, Meredith is a writer and academic, and we love books. We especially love them when they are crammed full of wondrous content while also being beautiful, sensual artifacts in themselves.

In 2009 we made our own book, Trunk Volume One: Hair. It won awards and got rave reviews. Hair was completely self-funded. It nearly sold out and we made nearly enough money to cover our costs.

Now, we are determined to make Trunk Volume Two: Blood, but it is a labour of love and we need your help.

Check out our campaign and at Facebook

Feel free to pass it on to peeps who might be bloody interested.

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