Westbury, Cunningham, Crean sweep popular vote

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The Art Life’s Most Powerful People in The Australian Art World, Popular Vote

Marcus Westbury (63 votes)

Daniel Mudie Cunningham (47 votes)

Simon Crean (40 votes)

David Walsh (23 votes)

Renny Kodgers (18 votes)

John McDonald (16 votes)

Richard Bell (15 votes)
Vasili Kaliman (15 votes)

Mr. Squiggle (12 votes)

John Kaldor (7 votes)
Elizabeth Ann Macgregor (7 votes)

Hetti Perkins (6 votes)

Gina Rinehart (5 votes)
Ken Done (5 votes)
Tony Ellwood (5 votes)
Karl Stefanovic (5 votes)
Susan Borham (5 votes)

Ben Quilty (4 votes)
Simon Mordant (4 votes)
David Gonski (4 votes)

Fiona Foley (3 votes)
Wayne Tunnicliffe (3 votes)

Dick Quan (2 votes)
Michael Reid (2 votes)
Robyn Archer (2 votes)

Alexie Glass-Kantor (1 votes)
Clinton Ng (1 votes)
Julianne Schultz (1 votes)
Esther Anatolitis (1 votes)
Tim Olsen (1 votes)
Rupert Meyer (1 votes)

Dan Templeman (0 votes)
Kathy Keele (0 votes)
Sophie Cunningham (0 votes)
Stephen Armstrong (0 votes)
Graeme Gherashe (0 votes)
Tanya Plibersek MP (0 votes)

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  1. Kim Blunt

    I can think of others that are missing from the list

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