Art Month 2014 Artistic Director Announced

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Art Mnth Sydney, 2014 Director

“Art Month Sydney is delighted to announce the appointment of Scrap Wall as Artistic Director for 2014. New Zealand-born Wall is an established innovator in Auckland’s emerging art scene. A self described ‘creative catalyst’, Wall was born in a litter of seven puppies, including brothers and sisters Blackie, Prince, Brownie, Scruff, Buster and Rex. Wall, who licks and sniffs the hands of artists he likes, plans to use his deep understanding of contemporary art and international perspective to create meaningful art experiences while blending the boundaries between visual art and the creative industries, such as a show featuring a room full of chew toys. Wall sleeps on a old blanket. We can’t wait to share Scrap’s ideas for Art Month 2014 with you.” – Press Release.

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