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Godspeed You! Black Emperor (formerly punctuated Godspeed You Black Emperor! and commonly referred to as just “Godspeed”, or abbreviated to GYBE or GY!BE) is a Canadian post-rock band which originated in Montreal, Quebec in 1994.[…] The group was once misconstrued as being a band of terrorists.[10][11] After stopping at a local gas station for fuel in the town of Ardmore, Oklahoma, during their 2003 tour of the United States, the station attendant working that day believed the group of Canadians to be terrorists. She quickly passed a note to another customer also getting fuel to call the police. When the local police appeared, the group was held until they could be questioned by the FBI. Although the police were suspicious of the band’s anti-government documents and some photos they had (such as those of oil rigs), they found no incriminating evidence. After background checks were run, the ensemble was released from custody and continued on their way to their next show in Columbia, MO. Efrim Menuck later spoke to the crowd about what happened to them during their appearance in Missouri and speculated that their origin was a motive for being released quickly (“It’s a good thing we’re nice white kids from Canada”), hinting at racism in the police force.”

Andrew Frost

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